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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:00 pm    Post subject: Welcome to your new Site!

Welcome to your new site! It is now ready for you to tweak and customize it to become the perfect place for you and your gaming crew to hang out out-of-game. Your site is pre-configured with the recommended default options, but many users find that making a few personal touches brings their site to life.

Template, Guild Name/Logo and more!

You can change your new site's template by clicking the 'Styles' link at the top right of your guild site. After clicking that link, you will also be able to upload an image as a guild logo and otherwise set the layout the way you envision it.

Links and Navigation Bar

Links can be added, edited and removed on the Admin menu. Click 'Admin' at the top right of the site and click 'Site Structure' to access the 'Primary Navigation' menu.


If you're looking at this post on the main page of you're site, then you're looking at it through the lens of the Guild News widget! You can edit this widget, as well as add and remove widgets from your site, by clicking the 'Widgets' link at the top right of the guild site. Buttons will appear to let you add widgets to any column of the site. There are four widget areas. One on the right and left of the content. One at the top of the content area and one below the content. Every widget is draggable on the page and can be relocated anywhere you can drag it to.

In editing mode each widget will have a 'Config' button underneath it. You can use this link to set configurable options, such as where you would like the widget to display and other items specific to that widget. Some widgets, such as the HTML widget, will also have an 'Edit' button, where you can directly edit the content of the widget.


You can set up an application for your new site in the Admin area under the Recruiting tab. This is distinct from any and all in-game application processes to the guild, kinship, corp or clan in-game.

If you would like users to not have to fill out a complete application, but rather simply join the site, then you can set up a Launch Code on the 'Application' link of the Recruiting tab on the Admin menu. The user will still need to click the 'Apply to Guild' link, but they will be able to enter the Launch Code and join without filling out the application and manual approval by the site owner or a recruiting officer is not required.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or concerns, there is a wealth of information available on our FAQ and Feature Requests area, our Support Forums and the Admin Wiki!

You can also contact us directly via the embedded link in your Admin area or by sending us an email:

Again, welcome to Guild Launch and your new site!

-The Guild Launch Team
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